Welcome to artc-201 – Weeks #1 & 2

Welcome to artc-201 Computer Graphics 1 

Fall Semester 2020!

The course syllabus is here – https://artc-201.com/syllabus/

Welcome to our class! This post has been expanded to weeks #1 & 2

Weeks #1 & #2 – Class Introductions & Assignment #1 –>

This is our official class website! It will grow as the semester goes on, and it will remain a resource and repository of value and inspiration for years to come! We will ALL be contributing to this website.

Be sure to check out how our website navigates from the menu above, the class Resources page has a great amount of useful information and inspiration that will fuel your projects with references and resources –> https://artc-201.com/course-resources/

The Assignments / Projects page is here and will grow one project / assignment at a time –> https://artc-201.com/assignments/


During weeks #1  & #2 we discussed our first project / assignment and went over a few demonstration using the Pen Tool in Photoshop. My class demonstrations from our zoom class sessions are below, as well as 2 other very helpful pen-tool demo links!


Passcode for the Video –  g1^tA=gj



Passcode for the Video –  *B1DLth8


More Pen-Tool Resources:

Cutting out images in Photoshop

Cutting out Images in Photoshop – How To

During Week #2 we will re-cap the first class, using the Pen tool, assignment #1 and looking at student progress. Assignment #1 has a collaborative aspect that has been to the assignment, we shall discuss this in class on Monday 9/28.


Design Inspiration for the week:

Above – Google Talk with – Michael Bierut (fromPentagram Design) 

Check out Pentagram Design’s website here (you need to see this)


If you have any questions please reach out via e-mail – rseslow@nyit.com

*Please check our Canvas or Blackboard page for the the Zoom link & PW (also sent to your e-mail)

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