Week #8 & 9

Portrait Riffin’ for the Model & The Monster – Assignment #2

Into –> GIF the Portrait Project & Beyond

Its that time of the semester again. The time where I introduce how to make animated GIFS to my students and fellow humans. Simultaneously, please allow me to introduce you to the GIF the Portrait Project – The project started on a tumblr (which is the equivalent of myspace now…) back in November of 2013 and was created specifically for the project. The idea is, and remains simple: “animate a portrait” and share it to a growing community that has defined the potentials of an animated portrait.

Our assignment for the Model & Monster is a perfect opportunity for us to not only share our work, but also participate and expand the GIF the Portrait community. Lets week in class we covered a series of examples of what the assignment may look like, I share my examples and a series of web browser based applications to help generate and degenerate your portraits. See below for a recap.

Image Manipulation Applications to explore via any Web Browser – 

Glitcher – http://akx.github.io/glitch2/

Image Glitch Tool – https://snorpey.github.io/jpg-glitch/

c64 – http://c64.superdefault.com/

Glitchatron – http://www.errozero.co.uk/glitchatron/#

The site below has a huge list of online tools that you can explore!


The best place to start when viewing the current GIF the Portrait submissions is right here on the project’s archives page <– this allows for viewers to see a more expansive timeline of works as well all digest the inspiration as you begin to feel propelled into GIF making action. GIF the Portrait will be receiving submissions from students at NYIT, CUNY BMCC & CUNY York College this semester. The second part of this introduction to the project and assignment will share a series of “how-to” and step by step tutorials to get you started. Did you miss the zoom recorded video from last class? Go Here – In the mean time, I got started on my examples below. Thats right, I participate in every assignment that I give! Im on this team too! The GIF above at the beginning of this post is the final outcome from my contribution to the assignment and that outcome consists of a stacked series of the individual images that you can now scroll through below. I had a blast making these and they are all inspired by Andy Warhol! I mixed together a series of both digital and print media to create each piece.

**Lets take a look at an applied art making variation of how you may choose to work on this assignment or simply bring together multiple techniques as I have below – this LINK shares a variation of this project that I did with another college a few years ago

(Above – click me to enlarge – Which images are the “Model” & which are the “Monster”??) I suggest that one you have all of your images, bring them together into a balanced composite like what you see above. This also makes for a great poster and work of sequential digital art.

(a studio installation above, you know, for context..)

Submitting your GIF animation for GIF the Portrait Project-

The GIF the Portrait project takes place on a Tumblr.  (We can also post them on this website) The Maximum file size for Tumblr is about 5MB so we need to make sure that we save  .gif our animations at 5MB or lower.  (need a tutorial on this?)

I created a folder in our class Google Drive for adding your Portrait GIFs – Please add them here – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jsGAu0f6QHsYmDWndrWvrrWzopUBoznj

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