Weeks #4 & 5 – Class Info & Resources

The image above has been manipulated using the “Content Aware” fill option in photoshop – can you tell what the original image source is?

Weeks #4 & 5- Class Info & Resources

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Did you leave your comment at the bottom of Week #3’s blog post about the NYC Graphics Standards Manual? Lets get that added today!

Assignment #1 – has a collaborative aspect to it using graphic assets, last week in Zoom we discussed the potentials of a class collaboration and how to contribute to it individually – here are the specs again below:

**Graphic Assets Collab Exercise from 9/28: Students were asked to share 1 or 2 of their graphic assets in a collaborative folder located here – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KM26xhmAwMotNq1Z6LhmTYcOcnugkUIo?usp=sharing

Students will select and download at least 6 assets from the collaborative folder link above and create a new digital illustration using all 6 assets (yes you can use as many as you wish if you want to use more) Please try not to use your own assets. The size of the illustration is open ended and you may also consider using text and verbiage. This is an opportunity to exercise creative immediacy, we will discuss the process and results today in class on 10/5.

Assignment #1 should be completed by the end of this week, lets look at all student progress and move forward to the next assignment.

Assignment Submissions Reminder – When you complete each assignment, please e-mail me to let me know – always add both your production files (.psd or .Ai) as well as a .JPG version of the assignment into your folder in our shared Google Drive. Please label finished work indicating that it is a “Final” file submission – here is an example below:



Lets talk about Assignment / Project #2: Working with Photoshop lets generate – Two Portraits: “The Model & The Monster” – Portrait Creation, Manipulation/Degeneration/Recreation & Animation – The Assignment discussion will take place during our Zoom class on 10/5 – Assignment details are located on the Assignments page here.


Design Inspiration for the Week:  https://www.pentagram.com/

Who is Pentagram Design? Why should you know them? Please explore the Pentagram website above and delve into the myriad of projects, companies and brands that they work with.


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  1. I really enjoyed scrolling through the Pentagram site. It was inspiring and made me more comfortable with sharing my short story. I am an artist outside of class and have always loved comic books. Recently, about 3 months ago I realized that it was my calling to be an illustrator, so I saved up money and planned out the structure of my now open business, Black Maverick Comics LLC. I am still small and have not gotten a client for my main purpose yet, however I do web design, logo design, and commission art services as well and that has gotten off to a decent start. Seeing on the Pentagram site that their studio was the only one that had the owners contribute to the art inspired me to do the same when I open my studio one day. I will be in the thick of it with my artists because I do and will continue to love the work.

  2. Pentagram Design is a multi-disciplinary, independently owned design studio. Everyone is the owner of their own business that works on various things on design.
    Knowing Pentagram can help you find new ideas for a design you might be doing because there are many different designs for different topics.

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