Week #3

Welcome back!

Here we are in Week #3!

Lets dig into our zoom class time by first sharing some Animated GIFs that visually communicate how our weekend went.. Here is mine..

In fact, lets talk more about the many different Visual Forms of Communication.. Behold below,  The NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standard Manual! (Did you know about this?) Lets come back to that in a minute..

During today’s Zoom session class, lets take a look at where we are with the first assignment.

Assignment #1 is flowing in full force. We are getting acclimated to our class and using a few new tools. We will share a class update on our progress. How many graphics assets were you able to extract and cut out with the pen tool? Each student will share their screen and give an update on their progress. Are you working on various iterations of your work in progress? Each week we will spend a portion of our zoom class time sharing and talking about our process, while also giving feedback about each other’s work.

Assignment #1 also has a collaborative aspect to it, we will discuss the potential of the collaboration and how to contribute to it as a class.

**Graphic Assets Collab Exercise from 9/28: Students will share 1 or 2 of their graphic assets in a collaborative folder located here – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KM26xhmAwMotNq1Z6LhmTYcOcnugkUIo?usp=sharing

Students will select and download at least 6 assets from the collaborative folder link above and create a new digital illustration using all 6 assets (yes you can use as many as you wish if you want to use more) Please try not to use your own assets. The size is open ended and you may also consider using text and verbiage. This exercise is an opportunity to exercise creative immediacy, we will discuss the process and results next week in class.

Please click the link below to explore a great piece of both NYC and Graphic Design History, The NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standard Manual.


Designed by Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda, Unimark, 1970

I would love to read your reactions and feedback in the comments section below! Each student will leave a series of comments (during or outside of our class session this week) if you are not in our zoom class today you are still required to participate this week from outside of class.

**after you “submit” your comment below – I will have to manually approve it – you may not see it show up right away, but it will be moderated shortly.

Some Questions to ponder and react to:

  1. What is your general feedback on the manual? Do you like it? Dislike it? Please Explain. Do you find it to be well designed, illustrated and clear in its application?

2. The manual was published in 1970. Does it still hold up for today’s world?

3. What is missing or should be added for today’s world of NYC Transit?

4. What additional questions are you left with?


Classic Poster Designs by Paula Scher

Graphic Designer and inspiration of the week!

Paula Scher! (please get to know her work!) Please watch this great talk by Graphic Design icon Paula Scher!